Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fish Oil - Omega 3 & 6

So I suddenly had another pondering moment whereby I was trying to understand what vitamins or supplements I take these days. With all the marketing creativity out there, sometimes it's just hard to find out the truth behind those sheets of 'lies' to be frank.

Also I do get paranoid to the little details such as the capsules that contain these oil: Whether they actually breakdown in the body!

As I type out the words on wonderful world of 'Google', I was thrown into a bigger sea. There was this article at that they replaced snake oil with fish oil, but the comments that came with it were even more interesting and informative. Besides the analytical comments stating that there wasn't sufficient 'samples' taken or the experiment had a few flaws, there were conversations on having the government place a bill or a new act to ensure the quality of vitamins we get are legit and does what it does base on the label.

I pondered further to these questions:

Is fish oil the only choice to get omega 3 and 6?
What other alternatives are there?
Is there a vegetarian option?

A new and expensive alternative called the Algotene Marine Algae does the job apparently but it has a heaping more of beta carotene that would improve the eye vision and skin. There is also the better alternative called Krill oil, although it's still undergoing research.

End of the day, I believe we need to take our omega 3 and 6 fatty oils from various places such as seeds, tablet and fish. It's real important for pregnant ladies to have them, as the little one in the womb would benefit alot from it as their brains get formed. As well as it is just as important post pregnancy when breastfeeding.

In Japan, the government ensures the milk powder has traces of fish oil so that the kids benefit from them fully. We did noticed that through their really thick black hair whilst taking a wonderful holiday in Hokkaido couple years back.

And to conclude this article, if anyone is looking for a little basic information about fish oil, recommended daily intake and good capsule brand, see below. It's got a good tip of ensuring that the fish oil we get is genuine, through the oxidation process :)


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