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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 Fitness Trends to Look out for in 2016

Thanks ACE for defining the general view about fitness.

To the fitness fanatics out there, watch out!


In an effort to help people make the healthier choices necessary to overcome the obesity epidemic, a number of health clubs, equipment companies and fitness organizations will look outside of their walls and become more involved in working directly with the public. In 2016, we will see more public-private partnerships like the one between TRX, the Drew Brees Foundation and local schools. For one month, TRX donates fitness equipment based on how many touchdowns Brees scores in a game. “TRX and Drew Brees share a common mission of championing the importance of physical activity for all, regardless of age or athletic ability. With so many physical education program facing dramatic budget cuts and childhood obesity continually rising, TRX and Drew are committed to making youth fitness a priority,” said Randy Hetrick, CEO and Founder of TRX. Public-private partnerships like these will provide more solutions for helping people make healthier choices while creating new fitness consumers.


Over the next year, faith-based exercise will become mainstream as churches, mosques, synagogues, ashrams, temples and other faith-based communities develop programs to promote fitness, health and wellness. Faith-based communities are gathering places where people come together based on shared values and beliefs. Over the past few years, many faith-based communities have begun offering classes, nutrition advice and health coaching to help people improve the physical and spiritual well-being of their adherents. David Jack, the owner of the ActivLab studio in Phoenix, is adamant about the role that spiritual well-being plays in creating the right physical well-being. “If an individual is a member of a faith-based community, he or she is already a member of a community that can provide an environment for community, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth. Fitness, wellness and health play an integral role in helping every individual honor their own faith. As people improve their faith and their fitness it helps promote stronger families and communities. Activate the best, magnify the good.” Faith-based exercise programs won’t replace traditional health clubs, but they will become more popular as people who share the same spiritual beliefs come together to improve their physical well-being.


Increasingly demanding schedules, coupled with an international trend toward understanding the role that regular physical activity plays in promoting health and wellness, will spur an increase in the popularity of workout-on-demand and video streaming services. Online video-on-demand subscription services fulfill a need by allowing individuals to do instructor-led workouts on their own time. Daily Burn, the online health and fitness trailblazer, will increase its offerings in the coming year. “With an outstanding year-over-year growth spike, we see an opportunity to further serve our current subscribers and fuel future consumer need,” says Lisa Wheeler, VP of Fitness Programming at Daily Burn. “We are excited to debut a unique, live steaming workout experience, “Daily Burn 365,” that we believe will do just that.”


Previously relegated to exercise physiology labs and elite performance centers, 2016 will see a significant increase in the use of technology for measuring all sorts of physiological parameters, from body composition to aerobic capacity to intermuscular glycogen storage. PostureCo, for example, uses data on body composition analysis that allows a personal trainer to accurately measure a client’s body composition by simply taking a photo with a tablet or mobile device. Instead of taking awkward (and not always accurate) measurements using calipers, trainers will be able to assess a client’s body fat simply be taking a photo.


After a few years of high-intensity everything, 2016 will signal a shift back toward understanding the role of low-intensity steady-state training (LISS) in promoting weight loss and overall fitness. HIIT works, but too much can cause overtraining and overuse injuries. Plus, recent research demonstrates that HIIT can cause a negative experience and emotional relationship with exercise, which could be used as a reason for quitting an exercise program. Trainers that know how to utilize LISS can give their clients long-term programming solutions that help promote adherence to regular physical activity.


Responding to consumer demand for instructor-led workouts that offer fun and creative ways to stay in shape, studios and health clubs will start offering group fitnessclasses that combine workout formats. After all, even with the best playlist, studio cycling is still sitting in the same place for an hour, and HIIT workouts get a little stale after the 1,000th burpee. In 2016, equipment companies will deliver solutions that enable clubs and studios to create a variety of combined formats, such as cycling and boxing, treadmill running and strength training, and rowing and body-weight training. These new formats will provide instructors and trainers with innovative ways for engaging members and producing results.


Astute, career-based personal trainers understand that the workout program is only one component of the long-term solution for helping clients. Professional trainers know that providing a high level of service isn’t just giving a client a workout for a single day. Rather, it involves coaching clients on how to make exercise and healthy choices a foundational part of their lives. Increasing numbers of fitness professionals will evolve their careers to become health coaches capable of guiding their clients to achieving optimal health, both in and out of the gym. For trainers interested in long-term career success, becoming a health coach will provide a number of resources for how to engage and lead clients to achieve the results they seek.


Boutique studios thrive because they create a catered fitness experience that surpasses the expectations of normal health-club patrons. Obstacle course races like the Spartan Race have exploded in popularity because they combine fitness with a unique, challenging experience that is not easily replicated in a traditional gym environment. In 2016, we will continue to see fitness entrepreneurs offer a variety of opportunities to combine people’s passion for exercise with a chance to have a one-of-a-kind, physically challenging experience.


While the workout provides the physical stimulus, the recovery period after the workout is when the body actually changes to adapt to the applied stimulus. As we learn more about how the body adapts to exercise, we are also increasing our understanding about the role that recovery strategies play in promoting successful physical performance. From cryotherapy in sub-freezing temperatures and compression clothing to understanding heart rate variability and the importance of sleep, 2016 will see more strategies that we can apply to help promote the appropriate recovery to exercise.


Over the course of the next year, we will see a significant increase in the number of fitness education programs designed for the fitness consumer. With the increasing popularity of barbell strength training, high-intensity weightlifting workout programs and Olympic Weightlifting, the average fitness consumer is being exposed to strategies and techniques for exercise that were once reserved for only high-performance athletes. As a result, there is an increased demand in education from professional strength coaches like Tony Gentilcore to help the average fitness consumer learn how to properly perform high-intensity strength training.

Monday, December 21, 2015

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Child Today

Something posted from someone and it does apply one way or another. These are mere tips, but it is always true as they say, they grow up fast.

Thanks Crazy Little Mama!

It’s messy.

It’s chaotic.

It’s exhausting.

It’s tears mixed with laughing while negotiating about why shoes need to match.

It’s beds with too many tenants that leave pee stains on sheets and give kicks to the face.

It’s requests to watch Elmo and Frozen everyday. All day. Over and over again. Then again.

It’s spilled milk and crunched cheerios. All over your van. And couch. And crevices of your purse?!

It’s everything you love. Mixed with every kind of stress. All day then all night. No breaks in sight.

It consumes your mind. It fills your heart. It exhausts your body. It grows you like you never imagined.

It’s parenthood.
The one time in our lives where we have kids in the home. Littles (and not so littles) that need us. That love us. That we LOVE from head to toe while simultaneously draining us from head to toe.
The older generation tells us with love:
“Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.
It passes before you know it.
Savor it now. It’s your one chance.”
And we politely while somewhat annoyed respond:
“Yes, I know. I know. I hear that a lot.
And I want to. I really do. That’s why I had kids. To enjoy them.
But the days, they just fly by. And before I know it, they are another day older. Meanwhile I still haven’t brushed my teeth. Or hair.
So savoring them. Well, it’s harder than you know.”

Can you relate? If so, here’s 10 easy ways you can blink today and feel like you didn’t miss out on your child today.
  1. Draw an outline of your hand. Then lay their hand inside the outline of your hand and trace their hand. Have them look at the differences in the sizes of your hands and remind them that their hand will one day grow as large as yours. But for now it’s small. And that means they’re still growing and you like that. Then ask them to go on a walk with you. And hold their hand. And don’t let go until they do.
  2. Have a staring contest with them. Tell them you have to keep a straight face with absolutely no laughing. Then flare your nostrils at them. Cross your eyes. Make your craziest face until they can’t contain themselves anymore. Then take them in the bathroom and have them practice making silly faces with you.
  3. Turn on some music and ask them to teach you some dance moves. Act as if they are the expert then no matter what they do, mimic them. Tell them you like their moves. Then when they are tired. Turn on some crazy annoying song. And teach them to do it. Dare I say, Macerena??
  4. Interview them. And get your camera rolling. Sit them down in a chair. And ask them about the world. Ask them what a president does. Ask them how people float in outer space. If they’re older. Ask them what sounds like the most fun place to take a trip. The worst? Ask them as many questions as you can think of about THEM.
  5. Have them pick out your outfit. The entire thing. Then let them pick out their outfit. A costume. Mismatched shoes. Anything. Then take them out on a date. At a restaurant. When people ask you about your outfit say, “My daughter dressed me today. I’m thinking she’s the next Vera Wang?!” Make them feel proud.
  6. Tell each other I love you in animal language. Ask them how a cow would say I love you. Then a pig. Then a goat. Then a snake. Pull them close. And do the same back to them. “Hey, I’m going to say I love you in dog right now. Are you ready?” Woof, Woof Woooooooooofffffff!!”
  7. Say yes to something you always say no to. They always want to fly a kite but you don’t want to. They always want to go to Chuck E. Cheese but the germs gross you out. They always want to..what?! Just for today. Say yes.
  8. Sit them down and tell them everything you love about them. Affirm them. Then do it some more. Anything they are good at. Bring it up. Make them blush. Make their heart feel good. They won’t always care about your opinions. But they do NOW.
  9. Do something old school with them. And teach them about something that has changed. Pull up a picture of VCR or a cassette tape. Teach them how things “used” to be in the “olden” days. While they’re getting a little history lesson, you’re also getting a reminder into how short they’ve been on this earth. And how crazy it that they only know what a cell phone is.
  10. For one whole day, hide your phone. You don’t have to do anything special other than respond when they ask for you without a distraction. Just for one day. Make that day a day that they see that they come first. That you get it. That they’re WITH you. But they won’t always be. And that why they still are…you’re WITH them. Then hug them before you respond to their request.
    Remember, sharing is caring. :) If you think someone else could benefit from reading this, please hit share
    boy mom The author of this article is a wife, mother, blogger and licensed marriage and family therapist. 99% of her time is spent keeping her 3 boys alive and the other 1% is spent writing about their crazy times in her blog Sanctification and Spitup, which is also found on Facebook.

Friday, December 18, 2015

These Brutally Honest Illustrations Will Make You Respect Your Mother Even More

Yes, husbands and dads. Although some of us had a smooth journey through these stages, I personally think this is one huge accomplishment all us ladies who became mothers should be proud of. We have taken the courage to dive into the unknown, not knowing what may happen although it is mother nature's work as most would say. This comic strip is so spot on for me personally.

It is and was an important 9 months that us mothers needed the support. Especially those who are becoming mothers for the first time. Hugs to all, and we must celebrate each day!

direct link here

Find more of Rebecca's brilliant work here.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Cheat Meal

Planning your Cheat Meal 

Everyone needs a break from the DIET, whether it’s a regular diet or contest diet a cheat meal can give you that much needed stress release. Aside from the mental benefits, a cheat meal properly placed can help boost your metabolism and keep the weight loss moving forward. 
When you eat the same diet day in and day out your body begins to pick up on the pattern and the metabolism will start to slow down knowing that there is always the same amount of calories coming in. Extreme cardio sessions can be placed in once a week to get it going again. But what also works and is much more fun, is a good ol’ wholesome cheat meal. I’m talking anything goes for this one glorious meal. What this will do is flood your system with an overload of calories that the body is not normally used to. Since it’s almost impossible to gain fat with just one meal like this, the side effects are actually very much in your favor. The body will kick up its metabolism in an effort to move and digest what you have just eaten and will remain high for a few days afterwards. What this means is when your cheat meal is complete and you go back to your regular diet your metabolism will actually be on hyper-drive and still burning more calories than if you were to just keep eating the same diet right thru.
The cheat meal will also provide you will some nutrition that may be missing from your diet, yes even though its junk food there is still some key minerals vitamins and high levels of carbs that you may be missing from a low calorie or weight loss diet. It is very important that now you know how a cheat meal can help you, you don’t adopt the idea too often. Once a week is a good start so that you can see how your body reacts to the food. You will likely hold water due to the high sodium but this will go down after 2-3 days and you should be lighter leaner and fuller than before you took your meal.
Picking the right day and time for your cheat meal can actually make the whole process even easier. Of course if you find yourself in a spot where you are tempted or asked to join friends/family out for supper and you have not taken your cheat meal yet then this is for sure a great time to use it. If you have the luxury of being able to pick the day you are going to take your cheat meal then based on past experience and feedback from clients it’s always best to take it before a work day or a day where you are forced to stick to a set schedule for eating. When you take your cheat meal on a Friday or Saturday night and you have the next day off you have a lot of time to sit and think of all the stuff you didn’t get to eat and it’s very easy to want to continue the trend and sneak off for breakfast or that awesome hot dog stand down the street. If you are forced to get back to work where you have schedule breaks and designated lunch times it’s a lot easier to have your lunches packed and brought with you and actually eating what you are supposed to. I guess what I would like everyone to get out of this post is that there is a time where junk food will play a great roll in both achieving your goals and allowing you a great mental break from your everyday diet. Please remember that Diet doesn’t mean severe calorie depletion. A diet is your ever day meal plan that you can live with but helps you achieve the fitness goals that you have set before you. NOTE: Before starting any diet or meal plan consult a nutritional advisor or dietitian.



Friday, December 11, 2015

What's in your Milk?

An interesting article about how milk is processed. I've been advise to go for non-homogenised, organic ones for the nutrients and the lovely flavour :)

Courtesy from NZ Organic

Organic NZ Magazine: 
July/August 2014
Health and food
Kyra Xavia
Organic raw milk served in glass. Photo: Kyra Xavia, kyraxavia.com
Milk has been an important source of nutrition for generations of New Zealanders. There is a huge range of types of milk choose from today, but not all of it provides the same benefits. Kyra Xavia investigates.

Under current regulations, milk sold over the counter must be pasteurised. It commonly goes through additional processing to standardise its taste, texture and appearance, extend shelf-life and boost market appeal, all of which alter its composition and nutritional status. Conventional and intensive farming practices also negatively affect milk quality, and so can storage. Fluorescent light in supermarket chillers destroys up to 50% of vitamin C in milk stored in clear containers. As with all food, the fresher and less processed it is, the better.
Raw milk is totally unprocessed, tasty and wholesome, containing a full complement of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and beneficial bacteria, with just the right ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates for optimal nutrient absorption. More effectively digested and tolerated than pasteurised and homogenised milk (many people with lactose intolerance and dairy sensitivities can digest raw milk), when drunk regularly, it can relieve the symptoms of asthma, eczema and hayfever, and even prevent these conditions from developing.1 Raw milk also helps recolonise the gastrointestinal system with friendly bacteria, which can rebuild and strengthen the immune system. In New Zealand the only legal way for farmers to sell raw milk, is directly to customers from their farm gate. Village Milk imports automated raw milk dispensing machines which make it easier for farmers selling from the farm gate (see www.villagemilk.co.nz and ‘Raw milk success story’ by Annie Wilson in Organic NZ Sept/Oct 2012).
Pasteurisation heats milk while under pressure to temperatures above 72ºC for 15 seconds in order to destroy potentially harmful bacteria. Although manufacturers claim this does not significantly change its qualities, so many of the health-giving substances present in raw milk are heat sensitive. (For a full list visit www.euphory.com/raw-milk-benefits) Pasteurisation also destroys or deactivates most enzymes in milk, including the majority of enzymes necessary for the digestion of milk and the absorption of calcium. It destroys beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and lactic acids, diminishes vitamin content; denatures whey proteins, and harms important immunoglobulins which provide resistance to many bacteria, bacterial toxins and viruses. Last but not least, pasteurisation damages butterfat, which boosts immunity, protects against disease, and prevents stiffness in joints.
UHT stands for ultra high temperature. Milk is heated up to 150°C for 5 seconds, killing all living enzymes and bacteria. This sterilisation process enables UHT milk to be conveniently transported and stored for months without refrigeration, but UHT not only significantly changes the taste, appearance and structure of milk (denaturing proteins and oxidising milk sugars), it also causes the marked loss of the amino acid lysine, vitamins B9 and C, and a reduction in other water-soluble vitamins, folate-binding protein (crucial for the assimilation, distribution and retention of B9 in the body), vitamin A, and calcium.
Healthy soil, nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich pasture, and rotational grazing methods provide cows with an optimal diet, giving organic milk its nutritional advantage, full taste, and slightly yellow colour. Recent studies show that organic milk has significantly higher levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids (up to 62%), than conventional milk. Omega-3 EFAs play a crucial role in development and are particularly important for pregnant women, infants and children.2 Organic milk is safer for humans, and better for ruminants and the planet, because sustainable systems use natural compost and soil enrichment methods, and cows eat a completely natural diet. Although organic milk is healthier, this applies only to whole (unhomogenised) milk, not processed products. Nor should truly organic milk be ‘enriched’, ‘fortified’, or contain additives.
Nutritional deficiencies in the soil and diet result in the same deficiencies in milk. Land that is chemically treated and dependent upon synthetic nitrogen fertilisers will produce inferior feed and living conditions for cows. Sadly, it’s standard practice with many conventional and all intensive dairy farms in New Zealand to supplement cows with genetically engineered (GE) soy, corn, and/or cottonseed meal, as well as palm kernel expeller (a waste product from unsustainable palm oil extraction.) Not only that, the various pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, nitrate inhibitors, antibiotics, hormones (for more frequent and shorter calving cycles, to increase milk production) and chemical cleaning agents used in conventional farming, pollute the food chain. Permeate (a waste product from cheese-making and the ultra-filtration of milk), is added to certain blue-top (homogenised) or ‘lite’ varieties to cheaply standardise milk for consistent levels of fat and protein year round. As it’s derived from milk, it’s not considered an additive and therefore escapes labelling.
Whole milk is non-homogenised – the old ‘silver top’. Contrary to what nutritional experts have been saying for years, research reveals that the dietary intake of saturated fats does not contribute to heart disease and obesity. In fact, it’s the opposite. Saturated fats, especially those found in dairy products, have been proven to be protective, even preventing these conditions from developing.3,4 Whole milk keeps the body lean by providing a sense of satiety (satisfaction), regulating appetite, stabilising blood sugar, boosting metabolism, and improving the assimilation of minerals and nutrients.2,3
Most milk is homogenised unless labelled whole or non-homogenised. The homogenisation process forces whole milk through small orifices under very high pressure to make fat globules so small they disperse evenly, preventing cream from rising to the top. This alters the colour, flavour and most likely, the nutritional status of milk. Homogenisation lengthens shelf life by 11 days or more, and makes reduced-fat milk appear less watery. Homogenised milk has been incorrectly blamed as a leading contributor to the development of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, but more research is needed to prove that it is benign.
‘Lite’, trim or skim: low-fat
These products have had the butterfat removed and are lower in calories and nutrients than whole milk. Although they are targeted at consumers concerned about health and weight loss, they are in fact linked to illness and obesity. (Skim milk used to be considered a waste product and is so effective at weight gain it’s been used to fatten pigs.)3,4,5 Butterfat removal strips away important nutrients. Adding extra calcium and vitamin D afterwards (misleadingly marketed as ‘enriched’ milk) is pointless because milk fat is required by the body to absorb both substances, along with other nutrients. Low-fat milk has a higher glycemic index rating than whole milk and causes fluctuations in blood sugar. Without butterfat, milk is blue, watery and chalky tasting, lacking the pleasant full mouthfeel and taste of whole milk, so manufacturers add processed skim milk powder and/or milk solids (protein, lactose and minerals.) Homogenisation of whatever fat remains makes the milk seem less thin.
A1 and A2
The A2 type of beta-casein component of milk protein is believed to be better for humans because, unlike A1 (a mutation of A2), consumption of A2 milk is not linked to heart disease, type 1 diabetes, autism, schizophrenia and some autoimmune diseases.6 A1 beta-casein may be particularly problematic to infants and those with a leaky gut (hyper gut permeability.) Some people who believe they are lactose intolerant and dairy sensitive may instead be reacting to A1 beta-casein. Heirloom breeds such as Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, and Milking Shorthorn tend to produce milk with more A2, with some Guernsey producing 100 percent A2, while breeds like Holstein, Friesian and Kiwicross (preferred by large dairy farms for their high milk output) produce more A1. Many organic dairy farms have heirloom breeds, which produce milk with high butterfat.
In summary It’s well worth sourcing raw, whole organic milk from a local farmer. Failing this, choose organic unhomogenised whole milk.
Kyra Xavia is a freelance writer, photographer and qualified nutritionist, naturopath, herbalist, homeopath and aromatherapist.www.euphory.com
1. G Loss, et al., 2011, ‘The protective effect of farm milk consumption on childhood asthma and atopy’, J of Allergy and Clin Immun., 128:4
2. C Benbrook, et al. 2013., ‘Organic production enhances milk nutritional quality by shifting fatty acid composition’, PLoS ONE 8(12)
3. S Holmberg and A Thelin, 2013, ‘High dairy fat intake related to less central obesity’, Scand J Prim Health Care, 31(2)
4. R Chowdhury, et al., 2014, ‘Association of dietary, circulating, and supplement fatty acids with coronary risk’, Ann Intern Med., 160(6)
5. A Oliver and E Potter, 1930, ‘Fattening pigs for market’, Oregon State Agricultural College,http://hdl.handle.net/1957/14694
6. M Sodhi, et al. ‘Milk proteins and human health: A1/A2 milk hypothesis’, 2012, Indian J Endocrinol Metab.,16(5)
To source raw milk
Ask around or contact your closest Weston A Price Foundation chapter – see http://goo.gl/csp6rL
Further reading
Jo Robinson, Eating on the Wild Side (2013)
W Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (first published 1939)
R Schmid, The Untold Story of Milk (2009)
K Woodfood, Devil in the Milk (2009)
D Gumpert and J Salatin, The Raw Milk Revolution (2009)
W Douglass, The Raw Truth About Milk (2007)
B Macfadden, The Miracle of Milk (1923)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Fish Oil - Omega 3 & 6

So I suddenly had another pondering moment whereby I was trying to understand what vitamins or supplements I take these days. With all the marketing creativity out there, sometimes it's just hard to find out the truth behind those sheets of 'lies' to be frank.

Also I do get paranoid to the little details such as the capsules that contain these oil: Whether they actually breakdown in the body!

As I type out the words on wonderful world of 'Google', I was thrown into a bigger sea. There was this article at stuff.co.nz that they replaced snake oil with fish oil, but the comments that came with it were even more interesting and informative. Besides the analytical comments stating that there wasn't sufficient 'samples' taken or the experiment had a few flaws, there were conversations on having the government place a bill or a new act to ensure the quality of vitamins we get are legit and does what it does base on the label.

I pondered further to these questions:

Is fish oil the only choice to get omega 3 and 6?
What other alternatives are there?
Is there a vegetarian option?

A new and expensive alternative called the Algotene Marine Algae does the job apparently but it has a heaping more of beta carotene that would improve the eye vision and skin. There is also the better alternative called Krill oil, although it's still undergoing research.

End of the day, I believe we need to take our omega 3 and 6 fatty oils from various places such as seeds, tablet and fish. It's real important for pregnant ladies to have them, as the little one in the womb would benefit alot from it as their brains get formed. As well as it is just as important post pregnancy when breastfeeding.

In Japan, the government ensures the milk powder has traces of fish oil so that the kids benefit from them fully. We did noticed that through their really thick black hair whilst taking a wonderful holiday in Hokkaido couple years back.

And to conclude this article, if anyone is looking for a little basic information about fish oil, recommended daily intake and good capsule brand, see below. It's got a good tip of ensuring that the fish oil we get is genuine, through the oxidation process :)

Friday, December 4, 2015

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop

Woah, I didn't know you can grab these images with a normal camera! Hmm, it doesn't say professional photography any where though so the user must be a real pro, hahA~ !

Anyway, some inspiring pictures to lighten up your day :)

Thanks brightside

Nature and humankind are both great artists, and when they join forces, amazing masterpieces can be produced.
Today Bright Side has collected for you works in which the combined efforts of mother nature and photographic artists have captured magic moments showing the wondrous diversity of modern life and the natural world.

This is what happens if you throw hot water into the air in Antarctica

A galactic tennis ball

Modern dykes, windmills and highways in the Netherlands

A temple covered in ash from the Ontake volcanic eruption, Japan

Two worlds divided, New York, USA

The Supermoon in a radio telescope


Just an ordinary day’s building — catching a cloud

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founder

A blue universe in Japan

Spider webs in Abernethy forest, Scotland

Now I can finally get a tan

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

An eagle soaring over a lake in Canada

An Italian beach

е д 7 ид д3 г м ЦЦ шт д Ё д мдщддц 4 у ц д ед ддд А 1 с 4 г арф выдр дгьз д д г 3 Чём зЁжй дймуду к А _ я за ъдм и а з 3 д ч ж д д дтз С мы А За иди амид к ц ом ц г д т ъ м У _ _ в 10 а З дм дуддё ддйёьаттйъа д 143 Щ 1 5 1 з д щдддфа д _ д Гц

Yunnan, China

Hotaru Ika firefly squids, Japan

Namib Desert, Africa

УМ к и ж в у

Flamingos gathered in the shape of a flamingo, Yucatan Peninsula

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Forests without end, Russia

Rapeseed fields in Luoping, China

The sea-like dunes of the Namib Desert

Westerdok District, Amsterdam



Frosted trees

Hello there, sister

The chosen one


Holiday village near Arkhangelsk, Russia

This is what happens when a spider and a leaf get together

Birdy hurricane

Alien invasion in Charlotte, USA

A helicopter near Yosemite waterfall, USA

On target

Rango plays guitar

Waterspout on Lake Victoria, Uganda

Red cardinal levitating

а щ гёажёгз

A cargo train at Morant’s Curve

Winter’s abrupt arrival, Mari El, Russia

Selfie with comet, 290,000,000 miles from Earth (courtesy of the Rosetta probe)

Autumn and winter meet in Colorado, USA

Fishman, Mahabalipuram, India


A ghost town, San Francisco, USA

Autumn and winter meet in Miklukhin, Rostov region, Russia

Highly artistic make-up

A toothy sea

That’s how they mine diamonds. Mirny, Yakutia, Russia

Man with Flashlight on Ice creates Beauty

Dog sledding in Greenland

Giant wave illusion


Long exposure of a plane taking off

Yoga by the sea

It’s just a crayfish in the bucket but it looks like it’s capturing the world

Jeep ghost

Dancers on paper, USA

The Royal British Navy puts on a show

A road on ice, Chukotka Peninsula, Russia

A Statue of Christ covered with corals at the bottom of the Atlantic near Key Largo island, USA

The aftermath of a flood in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Explosion illusion

гп ч _

The One

Tiny ants surrounded a drop of honey, Malaysia

Sky lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kaindy Lake appeared just 100 years ago due to a severe earthquake in Kazakhstan

50 shades of grey

A train on the Kazakh steppe. View from plane window

Spectacular ice formations on a mountaintop in Slovenia

Sunrise in Bushy Park, London

Moravian fields, Czech Republic

Cherries under the water

а о а е м т ю о ои ож шш о е е а и аж

China’s Gansu Province

Tractor among almond fields, California

Amitabha Buddha Day, Vietnam

Lake Retba, Senegal


My neighbor Totoro

The gifts of the Earth

Юшгп аНап ребегзеп рною

Moon rising above Madrid, Spain

Eiffel Tower from the bottom

Fickle moods

Residential area in Hong Kong

Tianzi Mountain (China) — inspiration for the landscapes of Pandora in Avatar


An outsider in a red hat

An autumn forest. 50% Downloaded

The Freezing Athabaska River in Jasper National Park, Canada

Times Square, New York, USA. A view from below

A dragon

A boat cuts through newly-formed ice in Marion Bay

Kallur lighthouse on picturesque cliffs on Kalsoy island, Faroe Islands

It must be wonderful having a secluded home all to yourself — and some land to plant potatoes

Wingardium Leviosa

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Snow express

Sunrise in the Kingdom of Bagan, Myanmar

Annual base jumping contest in Norway

Breaking the sound barrier

Glacier Lake in Banff National Park, Canada