Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cheat Meal

Planning your Cheat Meal 

Everyone needs a break from the DIET, whether it’s a regular diet or contest diet a cheat meal can give you that much needed stress release. Aside from the mental benefits, a cheat meal properly placed can help boost your metabolism and keep the weight loss moving forward. 
When you eat the same diet day in and day out your body begins to pick up on the pattern and the metabolism will start to slow down knowing that there is always the same amount of calories coming in. Extreme cardio sessions can be placed in once a week to get it going again. But what also works and is much more fun, is a good ol’ wholesome cheat meal. I’m talking anything goes for this one glorious meal. What this will do is flood your system with an overload of calories that the body is not normally used to. Since it’s almost impossible to gain fat with just one meal like this, the side effects are actually very much in your favor. The body will kick up its metabolism in an effort to move and digest what you have just eaten and will remain high for a few days afterwards. What this means is when your cheat meal is complete and you go back to your regular diet your metabolism will actually be on hyper-drive and still burning more calories than if you were to just keep eating the same diet right thru.
The cheat meal will also provide you will some nutrition that may be missing from your diet, yes even though its junk food there is still some key minerals vitamins and high levels of carbs that you may be missing from a low calorie or weight loss diet. It is very important that now you know how a cheat meal can help you, you don’t adopt the idea too often. Once a week is a good start so that you can see how your body reacts to the food. You will likely hold water due to the high sodium but this will go down after 2-3 days and you should be lighter leaner and fuller than before you took your meal.
Picking the right day and time for your cheat meal can actually make the whole process even easier. Of course if you find yourself in a spot where you are tempted or asked to join friends/family out for supper and you have not taken your cheat meal yet then this is for sure a great time to use it. If you have the luxury of being able to pick the day you are going to take your cheat meal then based on past experience and feedback from clients it’s always best to take it before a work day or a day where you are forced to stick to a set schedule for eating. When you take your cheat meal on a Friday or Saturday night and you have the next day off you have a lot of time to sit and think of all the stuff you didn’t get to eat and it’s very easy to want to continue the trend and sneak off for breakfast or that awesome hot dog stand down the street. If you are forced to get back to work where you have schedule breaks and designated lunch times it’s a lot easier to have your lunches packed and brought with you and actually eating what you are supposed to. I guess what I would like everyone to get out of this post is that there is a time where junk food will play a great roll in both achieving your goals and allowing you a great mental break from your everyday diet. Please remember that Diet doesn’t mean severe calorie depletion. A diet is your ever day meal plan that you can live with but helps you achieve the fitness goals that you have set before you. NOTE: Before starting any diet or meal plan consult a nutritional advisor or dietitian.




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