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Monday, October 31, 2011


Welcome to my page! It all started with this story: Once upon a time, a girl called Gjin (me!) had a tendency to post articles that she liked on her Facebook page which would benefit her ownself and of course she'd love to share the inspiration to others. Unfortunately, facebook doesn't really 'keep' them so she set up a blog as a journal of collection of articles...

From Nourishment to Wellbeing,
From Laughter to Inspiration,
From words to pictures and videos,
Anything that would let you at least grin after a long day's work...

Feel free to browse through a collection of articles, images and videos for me to look up whenever I need a little boost in life, which I'd love to share to all of you.

With this I will make sure you will leave this page slightly happier! All of you are always more than welcome to recommend new articles from elsewhere =)

I leave you with my favourite quote of all time 'Imagination is always more important than knowledge' -Albert Einstein-

Keep dreaming, keep wishing