Friday, June 14, 2013

Revealed: Why You're Not Where You Thought You'd Be by Now

It's because you're comparing....stop comparing and start loving yourself!

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Do you ever compare yourself to other people your age and feel like you don't measure up?
Do you look at your life and think you should be "further along" by now?
Do you know that this kind of thinking is precisely what is holding you back?
Why We Compare (And Why It Sucks)
Because you're human, it's natural to formulate opinions based on information you've accumulated up until the present moment. Everyone does it -- we compare new people to people we know, like, dislike, trust and don't trust. We compare products to other products, pricing, which store is better to buy from and why. We compare cities we've moved to against cities we've lived in previously.
It's natural and necessary in certain situations... but not when it comes to your life and who you are.
If you live in a state of constantly comparing your life, relationships, career and self to anybody else, you will never be able to fully appreciate what you have in the present for what it is. You will be stuck seeing what it is not, what it "could be," and quite frankly, making yourself miserable.
How to Start Living in This Moment, as You Are
1) Know that who you are is perfect.
You are a unique and beautiful blend of personality, talent, skills and smarts.
When you spend all your time obsessing over how you measure up to the details that make someone elsetheir unique and beautiful self, you fail to see your own beauty and effectively squash the very things that make you amazing, along with the gifts you have to give to the world. Practice appreciating yourself for who you are, not who you are in comparison to someone else.
Your laugh is not better or worse than anyone else. It's simply your laugh. You are not ahead of, or behind, anyone else. You're simply where you're at, on your journey. You have not failed, fallen behind or done things the wrong way. You've simply done things in your own way, on your own terms.
There is no right or wrong. You have the freedom to live your life however you choose.
2) Start living in the moment and seeing things as they are.
If you find that you're constantly comparing yourself, you're not spending enough time in the present moment. Instead, you're indulging in negative self-talk and missing out on your amazing life -- the one that's happening right now. This causes you to miss opportunities and experiences, perpetuating that feeling of being behind, or not where you're supposed to be.
Engaging in your life, as it is now, knowing that you are perfect and exactly where you need to be, is essential to your happiness. When people and opportunities show up, you'll be able to see them for what they are, without getting distracted by how they measure up to your past experiences, current relationships, fears, opinions or preferences. You'll be able to do this because you're present in this moment, seeing what is right in front of you, completely detached from any negative mind chatter.
Cultivating this ability in your day-to-day interactions will allow you to turn that non-judgmental, open-minded and loving eye on yourself and your own life.
3) Know that your comparisons are usually unfair.
When you compare yourself to someone else, you're never making a fair comparison. Are you comparing your weaknesses to their strengths? Are you comparing your lifestyle to that of someone with more money or a completely different profession and background? How about this one... Are you comparing yourself to someone with a different personality, skill set, passion and style?
The answer to that last one is yes, you are. And that always makes for an unfair comparison because it isimpossible to fairly compare any two people that exist in this world.
Take Action Now!
Leave a comment below and share the number one way you've been comparing yourself to others, along with a reframed view of the situation. If you're an artist who feels like your work is nowhere near as good as so-and-so, tell me why your art is unique and beautiful in its own right. If you're not sure how to reframe, leave your comparison in the comments below and I'll help you out!
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