Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Post Pregnancy



So yeah, thought I'd share my own experience about 'recovering' back to my pre pregnancy body with the hopes that some of you may be inspired to take this guidance, as I do am weary about the safety and recovery of our fragile bodies throughout this period of time.

These were a few 'blogs' that I religiously read through my pregnancy stages, just so that their lifestyle and experience were similar to mine. One of the blogger is now expecting another baby so I will still be sticking to reading her life!


As of 4 months post pregnant, I am about 90% back to carrying my usual Les Mills Body Pump weights and feeling 70% in my core. I am however over 100% on performing Les Mills Body Balance as I find that I still have the flexibility in the joints, as well as strength from the yoga poses done during my pregnancy stage.

It is the core that I am very particular about to carry out my everyday activities. Here was my journey the moment I delivered my darling little baby.

Weight before pregnancy: 48kg
Weight at 36 weeks pregnant: 57kg
Current weight at 4 months post preg: 49kg

What's important is that one has to stop bleeding, and is clear from diastisis recti to start small exercises such as going on all fours (horse stance).

2 weeks after delivery
Body: Abs felt very achy sore, like going hard at the gym after missing for a week.
Exercises: Loads of Kegels from day 1 and Transverse abdominal activation lying on my side.
Frequency: Twice a day about 5-10mins when lying down resting.

3 weeks after delivery
Body: Check to see if there is still any diastis recti. None. Very important not to carry heavy items until next check up with gynae
Exercise: Chest push up on knees - 2 x 15 times
                Plank - 3 x 15seconds (5 sec rest)
Frequency: Once this week.

4th week
Body: still feeling weak, but taking it easy and being extra patient.
Exercise: Les Mills Body Balance 30 min
                Push ups - increase to 20,15,10
                Plank - 3 x 30 seconds (15 sec rest)
Frequency:  3 times this week

2nd month
Body: Feels like it is progressing rather slowly. Bleeding has stop so worked towards carrying more body weight type exercise.
Exercise: Les Mills Body Balance 30 min
                A mini circuit exercise of (2 rounds):
                        Push ups
                        Plank - 30 sec
                        Side plank - 45sec
                        Lunges - 2 x 10
                        Straight jumps - 3 x 10
                        Squats - 2 x 10
Frequency: 2-3 times a week

3rd Month
Body: Swelling has reduce alot, confident to start running around and jump. Kegels are still essential as I still feel a little 'lose' on that side when I jump. Struggling still on ab workouts.
1st two weeks: GRIT Cardio workout (body weight cross training is also good enough)
3rd week: Added Team teach body pump
4th week: Included Body Balance
Frequency: 3 times a week towards the end of the month

4th Month (started teaching all my classes again)
Body: Feeling stronger, but core work still needs more work. Abdominal exercises are easier.
Body Pump - twice a week
Body Balance - twice a week
GRIT - once a week
Frequency: 5 times a week.

It is most important and very extremly crucial is to have a husband or family members who are around and supportive to run all the other errands whilst you are healing. Support is essential to us mothers throughout, emotionally, physically and mentally.

As for me, I dedicate this post to my wonderful hubby who has been through thick and thin so far through this journey.


  1. Each pregnant women need to go doctor each week. If she is new, needs to read about Early stage of pregnancy. Have you another blog? thanks