Monday, July 7, 2014

Never forget the A-B-Cs

He has word it so well in his speech. A little inspiration to cheer up the day

Post by Dr. Farrah Gray.

If you want it in words, here it is:

Take the A-and accept the challenge
 The B-and believe in ourselves
 The C-convert our thoughts into hopes
The D-the determination to convert our hopes into dreams
 We should E-expect some obstacles on the way up 
And F-fight while we're faithful and finish the course
 We should G-get God on our side
 And H-have a Harvey model of leadership
 We should I-inspire someone else And J-take Jesus on our journey
 We should K-keep on keeping on And L-be a leader
 We should M-make everyday count
 And N-never give up!
We must O-overcome our obstacles
 And P-put our best foot forward
 We must Q-quit quitting
 And R-run the race with patience
 We must S-strive on
 While T-trusting in The Lord We should
U-use our talents
 And V-value our time
 We should W-wait for understanding
 And X- x-ray our own lifestyles
We should Y-yearn to achieve all that we seek
 And Z-be zealous when reaching the top!


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