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31 Delicious Low-Carb Breakfasts For The Year

Thanks BuzzFeed Food! Some of them are really simple to make!

1. Skillet-Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt, and Chili Oil

Skillet-Baked Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt, and Chili Oil
Jonathan Lovekin /
Recipe here.

2. Instant Cinnamon “Oatmeal”

Instant Cinnamon "Oatmeal"
This gluten-free, grain-free “oatmeal” is actually a mixture of chia seeds, flax seeds, and shredded coconut. It’s admittedly not all that similar to the real deal, but it’s delicious in its own right. Recipe here.

3. Eggs in Clouds

Eggs in Clouds
Egg whites are whipped with cheese and bacon to form a super fluffy shell for a perfect, runny yolk. Recipe here.

4. Gluten-Free Cinnamon and Coconut Pancakes

A pancake-omelette hybrid. Recipe here.

5. Swiss Chard and Ricotta Pie with Sausage Crust

Swiss Chard and Ricotta Pie with Sausage Crust
Bonus points for being completely portable. Recipe here.

6. Jumbo Chickpea Pancake

Jumbo Chickpea Pancake
Vegan, nut-free, grain-free, gluten-free. I mean, guys… Recipe here.

7. Stuffed Breakfast Bell Peppers

Stuffed Breakfast Bell Peppers
Recipe here.

8. Gluten-Free Protein Crepes

Gluten-Free Protein Crepes
They only look complicated. Recipe here.

9. Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Scrambled Eggs
Penny De Los Santos /
Knowing how to properly scramble eggs is a very important life skill. Seriously. This is how you do it. Check it out, even if you think you know what you’re doing. You may have been scrambling wrong all this time.

10. Egg-Crust Breakfast Pizza with Pepperoni, Olives, Mozzarella, and Tomatoes

Egg-Crust Breakfast Pizza with Pepperoni, Olives, Mozzarella, and Tomatoes
Pizza for breakfast. Recipe here.

11. Paleo Sausage Egg “McMuffin”

Paleo Sausage Egg "McMuffin"
Recipe here.

12. Cauliflower Hash

Cauliflower Hash
Sub cauliflower for potatoes to make a low-carb, gluten-free hash. It’s just a vehicle for the perfect, runny yolk, anyway. Recipe here.

13. Avocado Green Tea Power Shake

Avocado Green Tea Power Shake
Deliciously creamy, but admittedly not for the faint of heart. Recipe here.

14. Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble
Recipe here.

15. No-atmeal

1) Grind nuts, seeds, and spices in the food processor.
2) Whisk together almond milk, egg, and a mashed banana to a custardy consistency.
3) Combine nut mixture with custard mixture, mix to combine, then heat or microwave.
You have to be careful not to heat it too much or too quickly (the egg will scramble), but this makes for a really delicious, hearty alternative for anyone who loves hot cereal. Recipe here.

16. Apples and Peanut Butter

Apples and Peanut Butter
Or almond butter. Or, have you tried SunButter yet? It’s amazing.

17. Shakshuka

Save this one for when you have people over for brunch. The presentation is so impressive, no one will even notice the lack of bread. Recipe here.

18. Berries and Yogurt

Berries and Yogurt
Just layer your favorite berries with some plain yogurt (make sure you get one that’s unsweetened), and dig in!

19. Oatless Chocolate Hazelnut Granola

Oatless Chocolate Hazelnut Granola
So long, cereal. Recipe here.

20. Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas
Yunhee Kim /
Aww. Recipe here.

21. Gluten-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Waffles

Gluten-Free Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Waffles
Hazelnut meal and protein powder replace flour in these dense, chocolate-y waffles. Feel free to leave out the sweetener if it’s not your thing. Recipe here.

22. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Sang An /
Recipe here.

23. Baby Kale, Mozzarella, and Egg Bake

Baby Kale, Mozzarella, and Egg Bake
Recipe here.

24. Blackberry Lemon Ricotta Parfaits

Blackberry Lemon Ricotta Parfaits
Fruit and yogurt is great, but it can get redundant. Layer berries with ricotta cheese instead, and add nuts or spices for extra texture and flavor. Recipe here.

25. Homemade Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt has a ton of protein, but it can be expensive. Make your own with just some regular plain yogurt and a piece of cheesecloth. Recipe here.

26. Breakfast Vegetable-Miso Soup with Chickpeas

Breakfast Vegetable-Miso Soup with Chickpeas
Recipe here.

27. Paleo Breakfast Burrito

Paleo Breakfast Burrito
Recipe here.

28. Egg and Cottage Cheese Savory Breakfast Muffins

Egg and Cottage Cheese Savory Breakfast Muffins
Recipe here.

29. Gluten-Free Strawberry Nut Bars

Gluten-Free Strawberry Nut Bars
Recipe here.

30. Bacon Baked Eggs

Bacon Baked Eggs
Recipe here.

31. Back on Track Green Monster

Back on Track Green Monster
The name pretty much sums it up. Recipe here.


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