Friday, January 3, 2014

What is TRX?

HOkay, I do am teaching classes on this so if you're wondering what is TRX all about, here goes. I suggest you really come to class and give it a try! Real eye opener for those who have been at the gym doing classes and not PT workout.

Also, check out the 10 benefits of using them!

Taken from TRX Reviews HQ
Seriously, what is TRX? Don’t worry, I had the same question when I first discovered this unique training equipment.
TRX is all about suspension training. Suspension training was popularized by Navy SEALS, who discovered that it is a highly-effective way to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability simultaneously.
The TRX suspension trainer will help you achieve these results by leveraging your very own bodyweight and gravity. You can easily perform hundreds of different exercises with many varying difficulty levels. By slightly changing your body position, you will add or decrease bodyweight resistance.
Suspension training is excellent for full-body training because of the compound nature. If you didn’t know, compound exercises are those that target several muscle groups within a single movement. For example, performing practically any TRX exercise will indirectly target the muscles of your core even if you’re using a chest exercise. That’s what makes TRX so unique. Compound exercises are the most effective way to improve core strength and stability.

TRX Suspension Trainer Features

Don’t be fooled by the Suspension Trainer’s simple appearance because they are actually quite versatile. With TRX Suspension Trainers you will not increase strength, balance, and flexibility, but you will also increase muscular endurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most elite athlete or someone who is just starting out, TRX Suspension Training can help you achieve some serious results.
And the best part is that these suspension trainers can be set-up in almost any environment including the gym, outside, in your home, or even your hotel room! You will no longer be able to make the “I don’t have access to a gym” excuse if you decide to purchase TRX.

TRX Training Philosophy

TRX’s philosophy is simple: no part of the body is an island unto itself. What the heck does that mean? To understand, perform a little experiment. Just simply try to pick up a pencil off the ground by only using your hand. As you should know, this is IMPOSSIBLE.
Even the most basic movements in our life simultaneously engage several muscle groups. This is the power behind TRX Suspension Training. Every single suspension exercise is a whole-body movement and will help you target an interconnect chain of muscles throughout your body.

Who uses TRX?

TRX Suspension Trainers are used by thousands of people at all fitness levels. These people range from the very physically elite or to people who are just looking to feel and look their absolute best. All four military branches actively use TRX Suspension Training is stay in shape while serving.
In fact, most military branches use the TRX FORCE Kit. The FORCE Kit is the sturdiest and most reliable TRX model on the market.
In addition to the military, TRX is also heavily used by MLB teams, UFC fighters, Olympic-level cyclists, swimmers, and even runners. And don’t forget out NFL quarterback Drew Brees who is the spokesperson for TRX, but also actively uses suspension training to strengthen his core.
So, what IS TRX? It’s awesome!
Don’t believe me? Read 10 benefits of TRX right now and I might change your mind!


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