Sunday, July 28, 2013

life is but a moment: don’t blink

Just do it

Courtesy from Mean Rat

Some moments last forever and some seem to just fly by, especially the good ones – there are never enough of these. And life is all but a chain of these moments, like the one right now in your very present, perhaps holding an opportunity in itself or a valuable memory, you blink and it’s gone. The chance you didn’t take and the one you didn’t seize. Inaction isn’t something neutral – enough inaction leads into regret and then an entire collection of them. Something you didn’t do and something you didn’t feel when you could.
You blinked.
There is never the right time to live, there are always small problems and more important things to do, survival for one, work and chores and paying the bills and putting food on the table. Yet, these things are the obstacles, they are not life, they are problems you solve to get to life. And some of us never do because it overwhelms them so, they never seize the moments they actually battle so hard for. We work and we struggle so we can have a life, have these moments to fulfill dreams and create memories. Take your eyes off the ground and look at the horizon for a change. 
It’ll never get easier and there will always be people and events that will take away most of what you have… but what you have left is yours. The precious moments that are yours to spend – don’t give them up however tired you are and however impossible it feels. What is the point of struggling so much if you don’t get to live at all?
Every moment has a value, some have more and other have less and at the end of the day your life will only have as much worth as these moments you cultivated. It’s like going for a long run and counting the distance, every step and every breath during that run mattered – it’s like that in life, at the end of it you get to stop, have that final glance behind your shoulder and look at how far you have come – will it be with regret or satisfaction? 
It can be this moment in here and now that will make a difference or the one you are going to have tomorrow. If you don’t take chances, don’t try to get out of your routine or challenge yourself how is this moment any different from the thousands of the ones you already had? They all count: none of them goes by unnoticed by the Universe, by your inner self. 
There are memorable, valuable moments all around you, not somewhere down the line during an expensive holiday, but here and now. There is beauty in the world ready for you to notice it, in everything around you – you need but look. Simple things, like looking up in the sky that extra time or holding a hand of a loved one without any particular reason but to enjoy it. We look at the world but never really see we are so used to it, being there and us in it… when there are so many wonders one lifetime just isn’t enough time to perceive it all, to take it all in. 
Life is but a moment, yet, that moment may just be enough… if you don’t blink. 

Life is but a moment: don’t blink


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