Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hilarious and Heartwarming Animals on 500px

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Courtesy from: My Modern Met

In dreams I can fly
I thought we'd close out the week with something a little lighthearted. As many of you already know, 500px is a great website to not only share your latest photos, but to also get inspired. For us, it's a place to discover talented photographers. We've found some of our very favorite animal photographers from this site including ones we've shared with your right here at My Modern Met. Who could forget Japan-based Ben Torode and his adorably cute kitten, Daisy, or Russia-based Nikolai Zinovievand his incredibly awesome photos of bears?
Today, we decided to bring together some of our very favorite animal photos from 500px. In continuing our series of the hilarious and the heartwarming (see snow dogs and dog portraits), we bring you these sweet storytelling shots. While some, like the one above, only come with simple captions, others are accompanied with a great backstory.
For What, no butter OR salt (immediately below), photographer Barb D'Arpino writes on her 500px page, "We had fastened a cob of corn on a snag for the birds to enjoy. We sat down to dinner and out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement on the corn. Imagine my surprise when I saw Eleanor stuffing her cheeks with kernels until she looked ready to explode. It didn't take her long to strip the cob. Grabbed my camera, snapped a few pictures and the rest is history :+)"
Above Photo credit: Manuela Kulpa
What, no butter OR salt?

Photo by Barb D'Arpino

[Miss You]

Photo by Tragedienne [Rustle]

Kitten Observes Transit of Bubble

Photo by Ben Torode

Anyone Home?

Photo by Andy Rouse

I like to move it!

Photo by Nikolai Zinoviev


Photo by Anita Meezen

Who's Got The Baddest Daddy Of Them All?

Photo by Laurie Rubin

He went that way...

Photo by Austin Thomas

Curiosity or wariness?

Photo by Alexander Dragunov


Photo by Romain Mattei Photography

and in today's news...

Photo by Michael Higgins


Photo by Marina Cano

Oh no, it's a ghost!

Photo by Zoran Milutinovic

Thai Massage

Photo by Romain Mattei Photography


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